Authentech Web & Software Solution is a Professional Website Designing Agency in Bardhaman, West Bengal, India. Stays on best of the pristine trends and technologies around the globe. Every business idea ranging from small to large takes pinion and shine with a professionally designed website with our web design service. A Website is the first posture of contact for business with respect to the customers.
We design your imagination, so that they perform your business which is user and search engine friendly in the website designing process.We are constantly coming up with new speculation and new concepts in designing a website that satisfies the client requirements. We are one of the best web design company in Bardhaman.
Other professional services that we currently offer include Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Processing, Web Scraping, Mortgage Data Entry Service, Online Data Entry and Offline Data Entry Specialist, Excel Data Entry Representative, Data Extraction, Magento Product Upload Services, eCommerce Product Upload Services, Catalog Data Entry and back-office services. Each of these services is costumed to accommodate the needs of every one of our customers, so you have nothing to worry about when outsourcing your data entry to us. We deliver what you want when you want it. We also provide employees on temporary or contractual basis to different offices.
We have a strong team of players, strategists, planners, designers, marketers who bring the best in each service delivers for the success of our clients. We help brands build lasting, meaningful, and worth it relationship with their target audience by creating a digital experience for you that provides real insights to drive measurable results.

Motion Graphics Design

You want to convince your audience that what you have is the real deal. There is no better way to do that than presenting it through a motion graphic video. Share your idea, with our skills and experience we will present a animated motion video with voice-over and music.

Web Design & Development

We create websites by blend of design, thinking, creativity, knowledge and technology. We always deliver you the best Unique Creative Design. We also optimize websites that responsive to most of the devices, load faster on mobile and desktop, also compatible with all browsers

Data Entry Service

We have a team of highly professional data entry workers with vast experience of working with a plethora of businesses.They are experts in data migration, protection of organizations confidential records and creation of new data in projects where data is a critical resource.

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Website Design Service

Set-and-forget is not the right approach when it comes to building a website as the customers’ expectation is high and the competition is fierce. You have only a few seconds to engage the users’ attention and achieve a competitive edge. If you don’t want your potential customers to bounce, visit your competitors’ sites and increase their sales, it’s high time to ensure that your website provides a superb user experience.
Remember, your website is an integral entity of your business. It should reflect your brand aesthetic and encourage your target audience to rely on your business. Our custom web design services are the outcomes of a collaborative process. We work closely with aspiring clients like you to ensure that the site truly represents your brand. With the help of our team of expert website builders, you can offer a truly immersive digital experience to your visitors.

Website Development Service :

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or the leader of a start-up or a large company, there will be important strategic goals tied to the success of your future digital product. The right web development partner should act as a guide and counselor throughout this crucial process. With us, you can be sure that the final product will meet expectations — yours and your customers.

  • Ideation - We work with you from project planning, conducting research, and uncovering user pain points, all the way to producing a product concept that satisfies market needs.

  • Prototyping - This will enable you to verify your concept prior to software development, gain feedback from stakeholders, and evaluate the design.

  • Development - We take care of front-end and back-end development, with continual testing and quality assurance to deliver a robust, high-performance app.

  • Launch & maintenance - After building your web app, we can help you prepare for a successful launch, We also offer support and maintenance to address issues and sustain performance over time.

Motion Graphics Design Service

Motion graphic designers that create visually captivating animated graphics that tell stories, promote products and deliver compelling visual content. Motion graphics animation is great for creating sales and marketing content, training and educational videos, and types of video content.

  • Motion Graphics Animation Use Cases- At Creamy Animation, one of the top motion graphics companies in the industry, we offer various styles of motion design. If you have ever seen an animated logo or logo motion design, what you saw was a simple motion graphics example. Branding is a great use case because motion graphics videos offer a clear, colourful, and memorable visual experience.

  • Our Motion Design Production Process - Motion design production involves a number of steps that include concept development, script writing, storyboarding, illustration, and animation. Take a look at our full production process explained. Our motion graphics production team consists of highly talented motion graphics designers with decades of industry experience. Create dynamic content with motion branding using this and other animation styles.

Providing Short/Long Term Employee

Looking for talented Data Entry Operators? Our team of experts will help you identify the right candidates with the skills and experience you need. We also use our extensive network of specialist recruiters to connect you with top talent in your market, so you can find a candidate that best matches your needs. Allow us to help make your IT recruitment process easier.
Our process is simple: we select the best candidate for you and then allow you to evaluate them for a full week. If you aren’t satisfied with their performance by the end of the week. This gives you plenty of time to make sure that your consultant is going to be a good fit for your company.
Authentech Web & Software Solution gives you the confidence that you’re making the best decision when hiring an IT talent in short term or zlong term basis. Working with us allows you to quickly find someone who will be a great fit for your organization, without any headaches or wasted time later on down the line.

Data Entry Service

Emerging concepts such as big data highlight just how valuable data is to entities. The potency of data cannot be tapped into if there is no mechanism for input. This is where we come in with our data entry services.
We at Authentech Web & Software Solution offer data entry services to different types of government and private organizations that prefer outsourcing their data entry function to performing it in-house. Based on client feedback, our strengths include a highly professional team and a unique approach to data entry.
We have a team of highly professional data entry workers with vast experience of working with a plethora of businesses including in the medical sector, legal sector, scientific research sector and retail or sales based businesses. They are experts in offshore data migration, protection of company confidential records and creation of new data in projects where data is a critical resource.

Working Process

From the discovery phase, where the we discusses with the client's dreams, needs, and requirements to launching the final version and providing ongoing maintenance, the web designing process consists of numerous steps that the web design team takes to provide clients with the best result. These steps are grouped into five primary phases:

Brief Discussion

It starts with one thing - the first joint interview, aka the first contact with the project. It is the most crucial part of the whole web designing process. Everything discussed here will influence the result. If you miss something, everything can go wrong, costing a high-quality result, good relationships, and lots of money and time.
It is here where the web design company collects all the necessary information to get the web design process started and, most importantly, set it off down the right direction. The vendor should explicitly understand what the client needs and expects from the company at the end. The brief phase should cover the project from top to bottom, leaving no stone unturned.


After getting all the necessary information from the client and establishing a clear goal, the time has come to plan everything from top to bottom. This stage usually begins with defining the scope creep.
Scope creep is the project scope plan that covers tasks that should be done, deliverables that should be provided to the client, timelines, and milestones so that both sides know what and when to expect.
During this step, lots of research work is done. It is also a stage for brainstorming and coming up with ideas and prototypes to meet the client's specifications and expectations


The time has come to give the monochrome, bland and faceless wireframes an actual look. The third phase involves coming up with design features, styles, and elements that will create the entire aesthetics and general atmosphere.As a rule, this phase starts with research because the team needs to find some design inspiration.
During the design stage, the web design team seeks solutions to nail four critical factors of good website design usability, responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, accessibility.Last but not least. As a rule, at the end of this stage, the team should come up with several variants so that the client can choose the best option to meet the goal..


The design stage is all about pretty things that make the website look outstanding, whereas the development stage is all about bringing these pretty things to life and let them do their job. It is here where all the magic happens, and everything becomes real.
The development phase of the website design process is quite extensive. It includes several crucial stages.
1. Converting design into working HTML/CSS template.
2. Converting HTML/CSS template into CMS-based website if it is required.
3. Adding all the functional units.
4. Testing.


The website is ready to go at this stage of the web design process or almost ready to go. The deal is, do not expect the launch phase to go flawless. Mistakes happen all the time: website development is prone to unexpected things and challenges. However, when everything is done perfectly during the website design process steps, chances of catastrophe are minimal.
The launch phase includes these steps:
1. Final tests on functionality, performance, and security.
2. Transfer the website onto the client's server.
3. Integration of additional snippets like Google code analytics, email marketing instruments, ads, etc.
4. Final tests on user experience.

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